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ריאבצב גנאדי

Riabatzab Genadi

Auto Repair Services In Ashkelon

The business is in Ashkelon, which suffered missiles and an attack in the war, I lost a lot of orders and the income decreased.

$6,279 / $26,712
Ends on: 30/04/2024
Moti Cohen

Moti Cohen

Hapassage Burger In Sderot

Since October 7 I have been on reserve duty. I had to close the business temporarily. My goal is to ensure the survival of the business.

$5,075 / $26,712
Ends on: 04/05/2024
Ravid Zer

Ravid Zer

Carpentry Lessons With Ravid

The challenges began around October 7th, with work decreasing by 100%, the construction market coming to a halt, and a freeze in business for over two months.

$5,131 / $26,712
Ends on: 04/05/2024
Shmura (5)


Support Association For Working Women

During the war, our team provided crucial support and assistance to families in the South facing immense difficulties and hardships.

$5,234 / $26,712
Ends on: 04/05/2024
מאיר דינה

Dina Meir

Rachel’s Architecture In Jerusalem

Since the war began, construction has halted, clients are canceling work contracts, and payments have been frozen. The loan would help us greatly!

$4,562 / $26,712
Ends on: 06/05/2024
Shlomo Shriki

Shriki Shlomo Nissim

Electricity Services In Netivot

I reside in Netivot, only 12 km from the Gaza Strip. As a result, my projects were halted, and I did not receive compensation for this period.

$2,172 / $13,722
Ends on: 07/05/2024
רועי בר אירועים

Roey Yehuda Levy

Roey’s Event Bar

We were supposed to have 21 planned events that were all canceled due to the war, and I need help to finance the shortfall.

$4,226 / $26,712
Ends on: 07/05/2024
_תמונות קמפיינים לאתר ספארק חלק 4 (3)

Hadar Kimel

Hadar’s Online Gift Boutique

the outbreak of war brought business activity to a halt, with events being canceled and a general decline in market activity due to the prevailing atmosphere.

$4,081 / $26,712
Ends on: 08/05/2024
הוארי סאמי

Huari Sami

Acre Tours With Sami

The war severely impacted the national tourism business, leading to canceled bookings and a decline in visitors to the city. A loan would really help!

$3,404 / $13,656
Ends on: 29/04/2024
בן שבת מאיר מישל

Meir Ben Shabat

Meir The FixerUpper

A loan will help me to cover the costs of materials and various supplies. This financial support will enable me to navigate through the challenges presented by the current circumstances.

$3,772 / $13,656
Ends on: 27/04/2024
ליסיצין אסתר שיינדל

Ester Shayndel Listsin

Mega Rythem Haredi Shows

After October 7, 2023, we realized that our business would be closed but we can volunteer our services to the community that was in trauma. The loan would help us continue.

$3,550 / $13,710
Ends on: 28/04/2024
טל דן אישיו בעמ (2)

Tal Dan

Organizational Consulting With Tal

On 7/10/23 my life and business stopped. We are still grieving a terrible loss and I need to keep my business running.

$7,135 / $26,712
Ends on: 27/04/2024
_תמונות קמפיינים לאתר ספארק חלק 4 (2)

Moshe Dahan

Moshe The Electrician In Jerusalem

Due to the war, a number of projects were stopped, and the company voluntarily provided service to evacuees.The loan would get us back on track.

$4,234 / $13,714
Ends on: 24/04/2024
_תמונות קמפיינים לאתר ספארק חלק 4 (1)

Moran Shterk

Shkedia Israeli Boutique Tours

The loan would help my business in this hatd time, since the industry was heavily impacted.

$4,503 / $13,731
Ends on: 22/04/2024
יקב חרשים

Yuval Erlich

Environmental Winery In The North

The  war significantly impacted revenues, primarily attributed to a decline in wine sales. This interruption in income adversely affects cash flow, necessitating the need for a loan.

$8,726 / $26,712
Ends on: 22/04/2024
דאבוש רחלי (5)

Rachel Dabush

Rachel Wedding Dress Tailoring

Following the war, many weddings were postponed and we have no cash flow. The loan will be utilized to settle payments to our suppliers.

$8,157 / $26,712
Ends on: 24/04/2024
מישייב יעקב

Mishayev Jacob

Event Photography With Jacob, Sderot

We live 900 meters away from Gaza and constantly hear the war in Gaza. A loan will help us to survive at this extremely challenging time.

$5,287 / $13,445
Ends on: 16/04/2024
משק מרטין (2)

Weiss Martin

Martin Farm In The North

Our moshav is very close to the Lebanese border. Due to the war, the entire moshav evacuated the area and we had to close the business temporarily. 

$5,259 / $13,443
Ends on: 16/04/2024
אסולין ג'וני

Jony Asulin

English with Jony and Yelena

Since the school had to temporarily close, many students dropped out, their payments were stopped and postponed. A loan will ensure we keep it open through this difficult period.

$5,079 / $13,445
Ends on: 17/04/2024
שמי בוקובזה

Avi Shem Bokobza

Shemi’s Empowering Studio

Our goal with this loan is to market and breathe life back into the studio, maintain the current clientele, pay salaries on time, and get back to normal quickly.

$5,138 / $13,445
Ends on: 17/04/2024
זהבי שרון

Sharon Zehavi

Sharon’s Pizza Hut in Netivot

The loan will help me continue to operate the business, pay salaries to employees, and pay suppliers on time. After a month of being closed, customers started coming back and slowly we got back to normal.

$9,377 / $26,712
Ends on: 20/04/2024
בן דוד סיגלית

Sigal Ben David

Sigal’s Animation Studio

I want the best and most advanced service for my clients in the animation market. Due to the war, I need assistance with my cash flow.

$4,048 / $10,576
Ends on: 17/04/2024
דניאל ניסן (שיפוצים)

Daniel Nissan

Construction with Daniel

Financially, I have faced significant challenges, particularly in meeting payroll for employees and covering supply costs.

$5,678 / $13,222
Ends on: 13/04/2024
בן דרור ענת

Anat Ben Dror

Camping Gear with Anat

Since the war people haven’t gone hiking or camping. We will use the loan to prepare a marketing plan and refresh the equipment.

$6,751 / $16,082
Ends on: 14/04/2024
Alla Rabin (8)

Alla Rabin

Ella’s Emotional Therapy and Support

The success of my approach, requires investments in advertising to meet the demand for our services.I need a loan to help bridge the gap.

$5,295 / $13,220
Ends on: 15/04/2024
Roi Yehezkel (2)

Roi Yehezkel

Digital Spirit Helps Businesses Grow

I need a loan to bridge the flow gaps, so that the day we return to our customers I can continue from where we left off.

$5,366 / $13,220
Ends on: 15/04/2024
Viktoriya Minovich

Viktoriya Minovich

Viktoriya’s Beauty Clinic In Ashdod

We need a loan to renew our working capital (fixed payments & arrangements with drug and cosmetics suppliers).

$5,308 / $13,225
Ends on: 15/04/2024
Shukrun Or Haya (6)

Shukrun Or

Oryosss Southern Coffee Shop

The 2 businesses that are in the Gaza Envelope have been closed since 7/10. A loan will help me to replace raw materials that had to be discarded, and will help me keep my head above water.

$12,094 / $26,457
Ends on: 10/04/2024
Mor Baeri (14)

Mor Beeri

Mor Beeri’s Bridal Studio

Due to the impact of the war, the scope of work has diminished. Unfortunately, many workers had to take sick leave, and I am seeking to reintegrate them into the workforce

$12,087 / $26,441
Ends on: 10/04/2024
Alexander Tenenbaum

Alexander Tenenbaum

Plastering and Renovation with Alex

The loan will help me continue to provide income for my employees and support my family. That’s all that matters to me.

$12,113 / $26,461
Ends on: 10/04/2024
Itai Farhan

Itai Farhan

Print Industrial Plans In The South

In order to keep the business, we need help to meet future payments and commitments to suppliers, and of course I must continue to pay salaries to my employees, who are the heart of the business.

$10,933 / $23,813
Ends on: 10/04/2024
Ori Bareket (4)

Ori Bareket

Ori’s Digital Marketing in Yavne

The loan will help me continue to build the business and promote my existing customers!

$13,066 / $26,428
Ends on: 08/04/2024
ליפסקר מלכה

Malka Lipsker

Malka’ Fashion Brand – “La Reine”

My Ultra-Orthodox women’s brand shifted to local manufacturing, raising costs. The loan will help ensure ongoing production in Israel.

$6,683 / $13,210
Ends on: 06/04/2024
אזרואל ליונל אלי (3)

Lionel Azeroual

Lionel Wedding Photography

I made Aliyah from France due to antisemitism and established my wedding photography business. The loan will bridge the economic gap.

$6,673 / $13,210
Ends on: 06/04/2024
Natan Meir (2)

Natan Meir

Natan’s Animation Studio In Nir Am

It is currently not possible to use the studio, and I suffered a financial hit. I need the loan to bridge the business damage.

$3,803 / $7,929
Ends on: 08/04/2024
Nir Fridrich

Nir Fridrich

Nir’s Electricity & Security Systems

Surviving the Nova party massacre, I’ve struggled to recover. My business suffered, the loan will help me to get through this time.

$6,497 / $13,216
Ends on: 08/04/2024
Israel is at war

Small Israeli businesses need your support now more than ever. SparkIL has expanded the eligibility for recieving a loan to any business that has been affected by the war