Production Company by Sarit & Sahar

Our  company produces training days and holiday events in Israel and abroad. Our clients are  organizations and companies as well as Hotels where we manage kids’ activities over the holidays. Since October 7, there has been a sharp drop in demand for events. We continue to pay rent for a warehouse and an office and other current expenses. We need a loan to help us cover these expenses. 

My impact loan status:

$24,219 / $27,214
Meet Sarit & Sahar

Micro lending, Macro Impact

The reason for requesting this loan is due to the cancellation of several events, which were anticipated to be significant sources of income for us. Purim, traditionally a peak time for events, has seen cancellations, perpetuating uncertainty and a fear of having to close down operations. While there has been a slight improvement in event scheduling compared to last year, it’s still not at the level we had hoped for. Concurrently, we’re exploring ideas to generate additional income to support our family during this challenging time.

My business - My spark

Sahar and I crossed paths in an entertainment team in Eilat, and even after transitioning to regular jobs elsewhere, we couldn’t shake the feeling that event planning was our true calling. I have a deep affection for children and have always been involved in clubs and children’s activities, while Sahar excels in interacting with people and hosting events. Together, as a married couple, we joyfully run Enjoy Productions with a passion for bringing fun and laughter to every occasion. For us, it’s not just about orchestrating events on a technical level; it’s about creating moments where people can truly let loose and laugh.

A few more words

We are married and have 3 sweet children. The war has been very difficult for us and we find it difficult to move forward and develop in the business under these circumstances.

Israel is at war

Small Israeli businesses need your support now more than ever. SparkIL has expanded the eligibility for recieving a loan to any business that has been affected by the war