ֿFounding Partners


Jewish Agency For Israel

From founding and building the State of Israel to planting the seeds of friendship between Jewish communities separated by distance, since 1929, we have been securing a vibrant Jewish future for generations to come.


The Ogen Group

Ogen, formerly known as the Israel Free Loan Association (IFLA), is a non-profit social lending enterprise, providing affordable credit to disadvantaged segments of the Israeli public.


UJA-Federation of New York

UJA-Federation of NY, the world's largest philanthropy, cares for Jews everywhere and New Yorkers of all backgrounds, responds to crises close to home and far away, and shapes our Jewish future.


The Kirsh Foundation

The fund was established to help entrepreneurs with no financial ability to start new businesses. The foundation is named after philanthropist Nate Kirsh of South Africa.


Max M. and Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation

The core philosophy of the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation is grounded in the beliefs of our founders and the family's shared Jewish values that life’s purpose is found in service to others.

Additional Partners


The Mack Ness Fund

The Mack Ness Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest NJ (JCF) is helping to revitalize Israel’s Negev region. The Fund supports economic development in the region, with special focus on increasing the region’s population and promoting economic growth.


The Riklis Family

The Riklis Family strives to make an impact in the world.



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