How SparkIL Works

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Discover and support worthy, business opportunities that are good for society

Explore initiatives by geography, sector or community to find the ones that speak to you and your own dreams and values.

Re-invest your repaid loan into other worthy businesses or withdraw your funds.

By continuously reallocating your funds into new loan opportunities, your initial loan can effect change indefinitely. That's the power of SparkIL.

When the Borrower's goal is met, the full loan is released.

Rest easy. If the Borrower doesn't meet his/her full funding goal, you can allocate your funds to a different business or have them returned.

‍Borrower repays loan and advances his/her social impact goals

Transparent business reports keep you in the loop, so you get an insider's look at the birth of a true Israeli dream.

Israel is at war

Small Israeli businesses need your support now more than ever. SparkIL has expanded the eligibility for recieving a loan to any business that has been affected by the war