B-Green Beekeeping

B-Green has set itself the goal of encouraging a sustainable economy, instilling environmental principles and connecting man and nature. The symbiotic relationship between bees and humans is an ancient relationship that has been weakening in recent years. The honey bee is disappearing at an alarming rate from our world and as a result, we are losing the main natural pollinator in nature. The war affected our cash flow at a time when we wanted to be independent.

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$12,810 / $27,214
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The loan will allow us to be more independent in managing our inventory and increase profits. We also want to invest in marketing and make ourselves more accessible in digital platforms.

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The concept behind Bee-Green emerged from a desire to integrate environmental awareness with nature preservation. Our project, the Bee-Green Center for Domestic Beekeeping, embodies two guiding principles: doing good and continuously improving. At Bee-Green, our mission is to promote a sustainable economy, advocate for environmental principles, and foster a deeper connection between humanity and nature.

Recognizing the declining symbiotic relationship between bees and humans, particularly the alarming disappearance of honey bees, we aim to address this pressing issue. By establishing Bee-Green, we aspire to contribute to the preservation of natural pollinators and enhance ecological balance.

We aspire to collaborate with you, our community, in making our world more abundant and harmonious. Together, we can work towards a brighter and more sustainable future.

A few more words

 Avihai Barzani and Adam Shemesh, both holders of bachelor’s degrees in environmental sciences and experts in domestic beekeeping. With a passion for entrepreneurship and a deep-rooted connection to beekeeping, we are proud to be both entrepreneurs and beekeepers.

Israel is at war

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