Roey’s Event Bar

The Star Bar Company specializes in providing bar services for a wide range of events, including small or large private gatherings and business events of all types. Our business operates seasonally, catering to weddings during the summer months and transitioning to company events and conferences after the Tishrei holidays. Unfortunately, the recent war led to the cancellation of all 21 planned events, resulting in a significant financial setback. Furthermore, delays in receiving payment from previous events and the inadequacy of the compensation package only compounded the challenges we faced.

My impact loan status:

$20,267 / $26,712
Meet Roey Yehuda Levy

Micro lending, Macro Impact

My business is seasonal. In the summer we did weddings and after the Tishri holidays we usually do company events and conferences.We were supposed to have 21 planned events that were all canceled due to the war, the flow went into the red. In addition, the funds I was supposed to receive from events that had already taken place were late in arriving, and the compensation outline was not that fair either.As part of the development of the business and due to the coronavirus, we developed a new field – selling ready-made cocktails. Happily, the events are starting to return, but very slowly and I need help to finance the shortfall.

My business - My spark

After serving as a deputy commander in the navy, I embarked on a journey that led me to pursue a bartending course upon my return. Dissatisfied with the pay and treatment as an employee, I decided to take control of my own destiny and establish my own business at a relatively young age. My guiding principle has always been to surround myself with good people, empower them, and maintain a balance between managing the business and being a devoted family man. Thus, Star Bar was founded 22 years ago. With four permanent employees and approximately 250 casual bartenders, we have the capacity to cater to between 4 and 6 events each day.

A few more words

I’m the owner of Star Bar Services, specializing in event catering. With a 22-year history, I established the business from the ground up. Alongside managing the company, I’m a devoted husband and father of three, residing in Modi’in. Over the years, I’ve nurtured the business, honing my skills in business development and optimization.

Israel is at war

Small Israeli businesses need your support now more than ever. SparkIL has expanded the eligibility for recieving a loan to any business that has been affected by the war