Yuval’s Coffee Cart in the Arava

We own a mobile coffee cart in Moshav Paran in the Middle Arava.The cart operates during the week and on the weekend. We have built our clientele over 2 years and have become a well-known stop for locals and tourists. We need help  to upgrade our business with a new coffee cart which will be better equipped. 

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Most of our customers are residents of the area, joined by travelers and passers-by.It is time for us to grow and develop.We are in the process of building a new coffee cart, which will be bigger and better equipped.A loan would help us cover the costs of this upgrade so our business can grow. 

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We operate a Mobile Coffee cart that has been serving customers for the past two and a half years. Our customer base encompasses residents of the moshav and their families, along with visiting grandchildren and domestic tourists. We have become an integral part of the community’s daily routine, catering to everyone from women on maternity leave to retirees. Being part of our customers’ daily lives is incredibly rewarding.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability means we avoid using disposable tools, fostering a sense of homeliness and aligning with our values of environmental protection.

As we look to expand and enhance our business, we are currently in the process of constructing a new, larger coffee cart with upgraded equipment.

As business partners and spouses, we complement each other’s strengths in running the business, which strengthens our partnership and adds another dimension to our venture.

A few more words

We are Yael and Yuval Golan, both 37 years old and residents of Farn for the past five years. Yael is originally from this area, and we chose to relocate here to be closer to her extended family. Prior to living in Farn, we resided in the Golan Heights. As spouses, we work together in our business, leveraging our complementary skills to strengthen our partnership and drive success.

Our family includes three wonderful girls, aged 7, 5, and 2.

Israel is at war

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