Sharon’s Pizza Hut in Netivot

I decided to start this Pizza Hut franchise business 12 years ago when I didn’t know the city of Netivot. They told me I was crazy because Pizza Hut is expensive and people won’t want to buy, but I was happy to achieve consistent success with many returning customers. After the Black Shabbat (of Oct. 7) when the whole city of Netivot closed and we had loads of sirens, I felt it would be irresponsible to stay open and was not willing to put customers at risk. A loan will help cover the losses from this period of closure.

My impact loan status:

$10,480 / $26,712
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What I need help with

After the Black Shabbat (of Oct. 7), the whole city of Netivot was closed, we had loads of sirens and I closed the business. After a month of being closed, customers started coming back and slowly we got back to normal and the employees also came back, but we suffered losses from that period, and the loan will help me continue to operate the business, pay salaries to employees, and pay suppliers on time.

About my business

I have been running Pizza Hut in Netivot for 12 years now, with many returning customers. The branch has a very homely and communal atmosphere. We sell pizzas to residents of the city of Netivot and its surroundings and my employees are all teenagers who live in the city. After a month of being closed due to the War, I received a call from Pizza Hut saying that there were large orders from soldiers in the south. I arrived with my daughter and we started sending pizzas at cost prices to the soldiers. Later, soldiers also started entering our branch and we made a reduced price for them too. 

About me

Hi, I’m Sharon and 17 years ago, my wife and I decided to move to the Negev out of our Zionism and love of the land. From Modi’in we moved with three children to Beit Kama and our fourth was born in the Negev. Most of the time I was an employee and managed large service centers, but I wanted to be independent and I saw that they were looking for a Pizza Hut franchisee, so I went for it, and I’m really happy about it. I love the city of Netivot and the people, and I’m happy that people keep coming back to us.

Israel is at war

Small Israeli businesses need your support now more than ever. SparkIL has expanded the eligibility for recieving a loan to any business that has been affected by the war