Event Photography With Jacob, Sderot

I’m a resident of Sderot and a videographer for family events and professional conferences. Since October 7 my life and that of my family has been completely turned upside down. We were evacuated north, first to family and then to a boarding school in Kfar Saba where we spent 2 months – 6 people on 4 beds. We are now back in Sderot but all business activity has stopped because the events have been postponed or canceled. A loan will help me, my family and business to survive this war. 

My impact loan status:

$6,956 / $13,445
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What I need help with

 After 2 months in the boarding school we had been evacuated we had to leave. We returned home with the intention only to collect clothes and belongings, but decided to stay because there is nothing like home. We live 900 meters away from Gaza and constantly hear the war in Gaza. Our children do not have any educational or other social frameworks and we hardly ever leave home. A loan will help us to survive at this extremely challenging time.

About my business

My business is videography at events such as weddings, britot, b’nai mitzvah,and conferences. I love documenting the important moments in my clients’ lives. Our lives changed on October 7th, that day, terrorists infiltrated our apartment building while we were home, and when we called the Sderot police station, we realized it had been completely neutralized. We were lucky one of the neighbors switched off the elevators and so the terrorists didn’t enter the apartments.

About me

I  I am Jacob Mishayev, 36 years old, a resident of Sderot, married to Victoria and the father of 4 children. I immigrated to Israel in 1996 from Russia. 14 years ago a friend suggested I take pictures with him and since then I fell in love and entered the field.​​

Israel is at war

Small Israeli businesses need your support now more than ever. SparkIL has expanded the eligibility for recieving a loan to any business that has been affected by the war