Natan’s Animation Studio In Nir Am

Lizard lab is a studio and creative hub for video productions, animation, graphic design, artistic creations, and wall paintings. Before the war, I invested money in rebranding and renovating our office space. However, due to the current circumstances, we are unable to use the offices, resulting in a financial loss for me.

My impact loan status:

$4,804 / $7,929
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What I need help with

A month before the onset of the war, I initiated the reconstruction of the studio, encompassing rebranding, adopting a new name and logo, engaging in marketing activities, and fostering numerous new collaborations with clients, leading to continuous work. However, since the war commenced, everything came to a standstill. The physical location of the studio is now inaccessible, and I’ve experienced a significant disruption in operations. The necessity for a loan serves as a bridge to address the business damage incurred.

About my business

Throughout the years, our business has honed expertise in a diverse array of techniques, enabling us to meet any demand for video content and design. In doing so, we assist businesses and organizations in enhancing their exposure to the audience and fulfilling their marketing, advertising, or explanatory requirements. Beyond the studio’s commercial endeavors, the space serves as a hub for community meetings, games, artistic creations, and the composition of music. For me, it’s not just a workplace; it’s a magical space that holds a special place in my heart, destined to be cherished and preserved.

About me

At 42 years old, I am married with three children. Our family spent 16 years residing in Kibbutz Nir-Am, during which time I founded the studio. The studio, still situated in Nir-Am, now extends its services to clients not only from all corners of the country but also from abroad.

Israel is at war

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