Liron’s House Daycare

My nursery school is the culmination of my life’s dedication to teaching and childhood education. Unfortunately, due to the impact of the war, the nursery school is currently facing financial challenges, resulting in a debt owed to parents for full days when the nursery was unable to operate.I need help to keep it going. 

My impact loan status:

$14,174 / $19,181
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What I need help with

Due to the repercussions of the war, my nursery is facing a financial deficit owed to parents for days when the facility was unable to operate fully. The school  is currently operating in a partial format until the completion of a protective areas that will enable a return to full activity. To address these financial challenges and ensure the continuity of our services, I need some financial support. 

About my business

My nursery school is my life’s work. As a mother and educator in Israel, I recognize the utmost importance of a Jewish value in  education.Consequently, fostering the education and upbringing of the upcoming generation within our society, instilling values of connection, empathy, and inclusivity from a young age, represents a significant educational, moral, and social mission for me. It is this sense of duty that propels me to continue my involvement in nursery activities. 

About me

I am a married mother of three, residing in Kibbutz Givat Hasholsha. My journey into education is rooted in a perspective on society, recognizing its profound need for a substantial and meaningful transformation in interpersonal relationships.

Israel is at war

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