Marcel’s Extracurricular Activities

My business offers private after-school activities for children in schools and kindergartens across the entire southern region. However, due to the ongoing war, a significant portion of our customer base, mainly parents, has not returned to work, impacting our operations.

Despite the challenges, we still face ongoing expenses and we need help through these challenging times.

My impact loan status:

$22,819 / $27,724
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What I need help with

Most of our customers have not returned to work due to the war, and consequently, our jobs have been affected. The expenses persist, including warehouse rent, double account management for the company, CEO salary, regional manager salary, office expenses, office rent, and more.

I am seeking a loan to sustain the flow of my company, enabling it to endure the challenges posed by the war.

About my business

My business provides private after-school activities for kids in schools and kindergartens across the entire southern region. I employ about 50 instructors in various roles, including freelancers and hired artists. We conduct classes in kindergartens and schools throughout the southern region, including Sderot, Netivot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, BS, Rasheltz, Bat Yam, and more. Additionally, we operate in cities such as Ramat Gan, Modi’in, Herzliya, Haifa, Pardes Hana, and Kiryat Ata.

My team functions like a second family; everyone shares a deep understanding of the mission to work with children and recognizes the significant potential to have a positive influence on their lives.

About me

I’m Marcel Efrat Cohen, 34, hailing from Acre and proudly a Maccabi Haifa fan. Initially, I started my career in children’s birthday activities. After a few years, I transitioned to working in a children’s theater class in the afternoons.

Over time, my business has gradually expanded, reaching several cities. We have grown from servicing just two cities initially to expanding our presence to 17 new cities, marking a significant milestone in the journey.

Israel is at war

Small Israeli businesses need your support now more than ever. SparkIL has expanded the eligibility for recieving a loan to any business that has been affected by the war