Ella’s Emotional Therapy and Support

I am an MA certified psychotherapist with over 20 years of clinical experience and an expert in psychosomatic therapy. I have 2 branches in Mitar and Tel Aviv. I developed a therapeutic model based on the subconscious that resolves anxiety within 5-6 sessions. The 7.10 disaster, war, economic instability, all of this causes financial difficulty for people who really need emotional care but choose to postpone treatment or give up altogether. My population is weak. My clinic was empty. I continue to pay for advertising and clinic rent.

My impact loan status:

$6,913 / $13,220
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What I need help with

My clinic has suffered financial loss but continues to pay for advertising and clinic rent.The success of my approach, leading to rapid patient turnover, necessitates substantial investments in advertising to meet the demand for our services.I need a loan to help bridge the gap. 

About my business

I am a MA  certified psychotherapist with more than two decades of clinical expertise, specializing in psychosomatic therapy. Drawing on my extensive experience, I have crafted a therapeutic model rooted in the subconscious, offering anxiety resolution typically within 5-6 sessions.In my practice, I’ve observed that the briefest treatment for depression concluded in just 4 sessions, while the longest case was successfully addressed within 12 sessions. With branches in Mitar and Tel Aviv, I am committed to providing efficient and impactful therapy.

About me

At 67 years old, I am a married mother of two and a proud grandmother of five, residing in Mithar. My innate calling to be an emotional therapist has been evident since childhood. Even in my early years, when I experienced hurt, my instinct was to empathize with the feelings of those around me, making caregiving a natural extension of who I am.

In my professional journey, witnessing the transformative impact of my work brings me immense satisfaction. Observing individuals transition from one emotional state (X) to another (Y) is not just a job but a source of profound joy.

Israel is at war

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