Dalia’s Guest House in Jerusalem

The Allenby 2 guest house focuses on hosting tourists from abroad located inside the historic 100-year-old building in Allenby Square behind the central station. Following the events of October 7, the occupancy dropped to zero. I need help to maintain the business activity and allow the continuation of the regular payments.

My impact loan status:

$10,919 / $16,319
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What I need help with

On regular days, the place has an occupancy rate of approximately 80%, which increases to about 100% during holidays. However, following the events of October 7, the occupancy, which was initially at 100% during the Sukkot holiday, dropped to zero within three days. The purpose of the loan is to ensure the continuity of business activity and enable the continuation of regular payments.

About my business

The Allenby 2 guest house, situated within a historic 100-year-old building in Allenby Square behind the central station, is dedicated to hosting tourists from abroad. Our accommodation is  suitable for individuals, couples, small families, or extended families looking to gather on Saturdays or during the week. In our enchanting garden, you won’t feel like you’re in the center of Jerusalem. The breakfast experience unites guests staying in all the apartments.​​We,have been the proud owners of the business since 2013.

About me

After an extended period in the USA, we made the decision to return to Israel to raise our four children here. Our eldest, Maayan, is pursuing a master’s degree, Gal has completed service in the commando unit, and the twins, Talia and Yuval, are currently high school students. While our business is based in Jerusalem, we reside in the pastoral settlement of Har Adar. We take pleasure in exploring the country and welcoming family and friends into our home.

Israel is at war

Small Israeli businesses need your support now more than ever. SparkIL has expanded the eligibility for recieving a loan to any business that has been affected by the war