A way to help Yogev and Yuli Dror that helps

Our names are Yogev and Yuli and our business is The Yogalach Cafe – we like to think of it as a delightful haven offering vegan and kosher delights along with a very tempting pastry selection. The recent outbreak of war has cast a shadow over our small business, resulting in a decline in sales. Despite these challenges, we are determined to keep our doors open and our sights on the future. Parallel to our efforts to stay afloat, we are also preparing free vegan meals for the soldiers

My impact loan status:

$11,249 / $23,411

What I need help with

A business loan would empower us to acquire essential equipment to keep our business going –  including a display refrigerator, a pastry display case, a blender, a professional food processor, and a heating conveyor. Additionally, the funding will assist us in renovating our establishment and enhancing its visibility so that more people can find us and support us.

About my business

Yogalach Cafe, our vegan and kosher haven in Pardes Hana, was born from the desire to serve the kosher and religious vegan community during the pandemic. Starting small at home, creating vegan cakes, pastries, and desserts, we’ve grown into a favorite local spot over the past year. The Yogalach Cafe draws support from kosher patrons and vegan enthusiasts. It’s so much more than just a cafe; it’s a space where people can come together to socialize, work, and relish delicious food and good company.

About me

I’m Yogev, 32, and my wife Yuli, 27—we’ve been happily married for five years and are proud residents of Pardes Hana. Together, we’re the founders of Yugalach Cafe.We started our business from our various apartments, until a year ago, when we opened the cafe in Pardes Hana. We are so proud to now be able to offer people delicious vegan delights as well as a gathering place for people to come together.