I have a music business. I sing, play instruments, am a cantor, song-writer and I record music.

Yoel Dayan- Singer and Cantor
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Yoel Dayan- Singer and Cantor

I immigrated to Israel from France 4 years ago, where I had a successful business and was well known. When I arrived in Israel I worked for free to get known and slowly the business developed. Then during Covid all the events were canceled and I channeled my experience to teach instruments and sound editing in the recording studio at my home. Today the business is reviving and I perform at bar mitzvahs, tefillin laying events, weddings, Torah scrolling and more. My name is starting to become known. But it is not easy and all word of mouth. I need the loan to generate serious advertising and marketing for the business, and to upgrade my sound equipment so that the musical quality is the best possible.
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I am Yoel, 29 years old, I am married with 3 little children. My wife studies and I work hard to provide for my dear family, I studied music from the age of 5 to the age of 25 at the Sorbonne University in Paris, and I have been performing since the age of 15. I had the privilege of immigrating to Israel from France 4 years ago, and today I Live in Ashdod (Southern Israel).