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I’m Yuval, a committed fitness trainer on a mission to promote better health and well-being. Unfortunately, the ongoing war has resulted in a substantial drop in my business revenue. With many customers enlisted and safety concerns keeping people at home, I’m seeking assistance to acquire upgraded gym equipment.

My impact loan status:

$9,895 / $9,895

What I need help with

I am seeking this loan to expand my business, acquire upgraded equipment, and grow the number of clients.

About my business

I came to fitness training through a personal journey of change. I learned the ropes over time and realized that I wanted to help others achieve the same transformation. I love seeing my clients achieve their fitness goals. It makes me happy to know that they feel good about themselves and proud of their accomplishments, but the greatest challenge is providing my clients with the mental support they need to stay motivated and not give up. I am confident that with your help, I can make a positive difference in the lives of many people.

About me

I am Yuval Shaked. I am 27, single, and living in Be’er Sheva. I aim to try and help as many people succeed! In the future, I hope to open my own space and motivate more people to feel good about themselves.

In light of the war, the business experienced a significant drop in revenue, many customers were recruited and people do not feel safe leaving their homes.