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My name is Sima and I have been running community art therapy workshops since 2011. With the outbreak of war, I recognised that people were hesitant to leave their homes, but there was a real demand for therapeutic leisure activities. This prompted me to create and donate craft kits for children to use at home. What I need help with is establishing a stronger online presence to reach new audiences.

My impact loan status:

$11,531 / $23,407

What I need help with

The loan will facilitate the creation of a dedicated website and business pages on social networks. Furthermore, it will provide the means to finance the import of additional materials and the development of art boxes for sale.

About my business

In 2001, I established my craft business, offering workshops for both adults and children, utilizing ‘Miracle Stone’, a natural, pliable, and easy-to-work-with material. My client base has thus far included public sector institutions in Israel, such as municipalities, regional and local councils, boarding schools, kindergartens, and schools.

About me

At my core, I’m a forward-thinking individual constantly exploring ways to enrich and uplift the community using the tools and resources at my disposal. This passion has led me to create the ‘Miracle Stone,’ a delightful and creative therapeutic tool designed to infuse a sense of joy and creativity into people’s lives.