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Since childhood I dreamed of dressing women beautifully, I drew clothes, sewed dresses for dolls. I wanted to study fashion design, but there was no such university or college in our city in Russia, so I decided to study architecture. I received a master’s degree in architecture, but the dream remained in my soul. I immigrated to Israel, raised 4 children, worked with girls in need and with disabled people in an NGO. I opened a handicraft business that dealt with polymer jewelry and over the course of 15 years, I sold my works at Nachalat Binyamin pedestrian mall in Tel Aviv. I took courses in fashion and styling and started being an image consultant for many of my friends. I realized that I am on my way to my dream! I started forming a collection of women’s clothing, building a showroom at home and posting photos to clients.They were happy and started buying the clothes I offered. Today the business is growing, women are very busy and I work with them effectively to help them. I need a loan to increase the stock of clothes I sell to women in the styling process and also to buy large sizes to help full women look their best. My goal is for every woman to look perfect in her own eyes.
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About Kozlov Inna

My name is Ina, divorced and mother of four. I immigrated from Russia, and today I am fulfilling my life’s dream where I can dress and make women happy like a fairy in a Cinderella fairy tale and this gives joy to me and to my clients.