To date, I have accompanied hundreds of families towards quality night sleep that changes the quality of family and marital life.

I started my journey as a sleep consultant 11 years ago. As a mother of twins who understands the challenges together with double the love, I am a sleep consultant who specializes in accompanying parents of twins with all the complexities of putting two babies to sleep together. Today, about 4,000 twins are born in Israel per year (about 2% of all births). However, the books and information available on the subject are very scarce and parents of twins often find themselves alone and lacking information and knowledge tailored to them.

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What I need help with

I need this loan to work with a business consultant who will help me promote the business and grow it with advertising tools to generate exposure and increase the number of customers. It is important to me to reach as many parents of twins as possible so that every parent of twins who encounters sleep difficulties knows that they can get an accurate and personalized answer for the family and the twins, by working with me.

About my business

My business provides consulting services to parents on the subject of sleep for babies and toddlers from 5 months to 5 years of age with a unique specialization in accompanying parents of twins. The goal is to give parents tools for understanding and strengthening the relationship with the baby/twins, empowering parenting and increasing faith in themselves and in the ability of the baby/twins. The main product is a process of sleep counseling that includes a diagnostic conversation, building a work plan, and daily accompaniment of the parents until reaching the goal of teaching the baby/twins to fall asleep independently and reaching a good, quality night’s sleep.

About me

I’m Gila, a single mother from Modi’in, raising twins. I consider my work to be a vocation. My vision is to reach and help as many parents of twins as possible who are experiencing great fatigue from dealing with two babies at the same time. I am happy and proud to accompany parents of twins in these processes.

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