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My name is Vered, actress, director and body language expert. I teach body language and its effect from a deep and personal connection. I train individuals and business leadership. For years I researched and was interested in the topic of body language as an actress. I knew the importance of body language in building and characterizing characters. But at the age of 30, the issue took on a dramatic importance on my life- I grew up as an only child of a single mother and without knowing the identity of my biological father. Towards the end of my late mother’s life, an old acquaintance came to visit and say goodbye- Dr. Kobi Assaf, a body language expert. When I opened the door for him with bare feet, his quick glance at my feet rocked our world and was the first step to discovering the connection between us and realizing that we are actually father and daughter. Since then I have been constantly investigating the issue, and feel a great privilege to help people conduct themselves in the world in a way that will be good for them and help them promote the impression and goals they would like for themselves. I want to make body language training accessible and emphasize its importance also for everyday life- for relationships, partnerships, etc. This loan will help me to publish a book on the subject, build a digital course at an accessible price, as well as upgrading and updating my business’ YouTube channel.
Spark-il | The art of body language

About Feldman Vered

Verd Feldman, theater, television and film actress. Body language expert – lecturer and organization guide, married and mother of 3 daughters. Live in Tel Aviv. The daughter of Belha Feldman R.I.P, and Dr. Kobi Assaf.