The Israeli Center for Protection

I’m Samuel, and after 22 years as a police officer, I founded The Israeli Protection Center to provide crucial support to victims of sexual abuse. Recently, the center earned official recognition from the Ministry of Welfare as an official assistance center.

As the recent war unfolded, we actively joined the national effort to strengthen the resilience of families forced to evacuate their homes. We now need assistance to cover the additional expenses associated with implementing these crucial services.

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What I need help with

Our dedicated team of 10 therapists at the center developed a comprehensive support and resilience plan for 100 families. This plan encompasses family groups, mothers, fathers, children, and parents.We are currently seeking support to address the additional costs involved in implementing these vital services. Your assistance can play a pivotal role in aiding these families as they work to rebuild and navigate through these challenging times. 

About my business

The Israeli Protection Center, established four years ago and officially recognized by the Ministry of Welfare two years later, provides crucial support to sexual abuse victims. With a 24/7 hotline, 40 volunteers, and 10 treatment personnel, the center takes a holistic approach, addressing treatment, legal procedures, rights enforcement, tort claims, and support for victims’ families and communities.

Emphasizing prevention and protection programs, the center serves the entire Israeli society, with a focus on conservative populations like the ultra-Orthodox and Arab communities.

In collaboration with Professor Miriam Golan, the center pioneered a groundbreaking program training 70 protection coordinators in protection and group guidance, showcasing its dedication to comprehensive support, legal advocacy, and proactive community engagement.

About me

​​With 22 years of dedicated service as a district chief of police, I took a proactive role in making police services accessible to the ultra-Orthodox society. This led me to address the pressing issue of sexual abuse within this community, prompting the recruitment of 16 ultra-Orthodox female investigators to the Israel Police eight years ago.

Driven by a commitment to inclusivity and support, I founded the Israeli Center for the Protected four years ago. Leveraging my extensive experience, the center has spearheaded national-level initiatives, including the submission of a comprehensive plan to prevent sexual violence in Israeli society. This program has gained recognition in several government ministries, with the Minister of Social Affairs actively advocating for its presentation to decision-makers at cabinet meetings. Together, we are working towards a safer and more inclusive future for all.

Israel is at war

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