Thanks for reading more about my small business plans. Interested in expanding my business and offering my service to schools and educational institutions.

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Guitar lessons

When I was 7 years old, my parents divorced, I moved between houses, I had difficulties adjusting to school, I was insecure and it was difficult for me to be a child. When I reached puberty, I met a tool that healed my pain. I saw a group of boys and girls sitting and singing to the sounds of a guitar, and the guy holding the guitar managed to sweep them all away. I longed to be the one who swept others along, and I realized that playing music could be a source of personal and social strength. I studied and saw that my confidence was increasing, later I deepened my music studies and also taught dozens of students, children and adults. Now I am expanding the individual studies into an extensive method that can reach large volumes, strengthen boys and girls and give them a tool, literally, that will strengthen them and give them expression. I intend to hire employees, buy musical instruments, and market myself in several ways, and for this I ask for your kind assistance.
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I was born in 1974 in Petah Tikva and live in Pardes Hana-Karkur. I enjoy combining throughout my adult life the love of music, along with the love of initiation and guidance, the human encounter and the desire to pass on the blessing of music.