“I am Itai, and I have always dreamed of helping people express their true selves through writing. I am currently working towards expanding the business to reach even more people that cannot attend an in-person session!”

Spark-il | Telling our stories

Telling our stories

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Asif - words of the heart

I am focusing my business on people who are currently at a junction in their lives such as senior citizens and palliative patients and supporting them as they write their life stories. When I traveled through India I heard a saying; “When you meet a person at the end of their life, you don’t not ask them what they would have done differently, but what they have learned.” I realized that my calling in life was to support and teach others to listen to their inner selves, and to express themselves in their own words.
Spark-il | Telling our stories

A bit about me..

My name is Itai and I am 40 living in Beit Hillel (Galilee) with my partner and our 2 dogs, Elton and Theo. My dream is that my business will grow into a large workshop center and allow as many people as possible to express themselves in writing, in their unique voice and accept themselves with love.