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Teller Ceramics Studio

My name is Tirzah, and I am the owner of a ceramics studio. I create ceramic vessels and lead creative workshops. The workshops are intended for children, adults and anyone who has in their heart a desire to create in the desert and give themselves a special moment ,with a personal product that will last forever. In the artists’ quarter of Arad, Southern Israel, I opened a ceramics studio, where I host groups or individuals for workshops where they can make a personal product of decorated ceramic vessels. Those who want to enjoy the creative process, but are far from the desert, will also be able to purchase a self-made kit. I am requesting the loan so that I can grow and provide a spacious, pleasant and renovated place for everyone in the studio, and equip myself with new and advanced equipment in order to expand my studio kit cases throughout the country. My ambition is to enable more and more connections between people and the earth, through clay.
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About Tirtza Teller

I am a mother and a wife. A third generation of desert bloomers- my grandparents came from Argentina, and settled in the Negev. My husband and I established a family blessed with children and we try to do good in the world. He by growing almonds and grapes, and I give people a happy and calm place for creativity.