I’m happy to see you’re learning more about my marketing business. With your help, I will be able to create an updated digital marketing course.

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My experience as an immigrant has propelled my love for helping self-employed immigrants succeed. I chose to do this through my digital marketing business. Courses and workshops have been conducted in person, which has been time-consuming and inconvenient for me and my clients. I turned to SparkIL in hopes of receiving a loan to create a digital marketing course that allows everyone accessibility to my business.
Spark-il | Supporting immigrants through media

This is what we do, we help each other

My name is Ilya Stechkin and I am an immigrant from Russia. I am passionate about helping self-employed immigrants, so I established my independent business in 2016, to do just that. Owning my own marketing company has had its excitement and challenges. I now realize for my business to progress, I need a loan.