” I am Arava, the owner of a tailor-made tourism business that inspires people to connect with Israel, its heritage, and its food. I am requesting a loan to purchase a new and suitable licensed touring vehicle.”


Spark-il | Taste of Israel with Arava Allon

Taste of Israel with Arava Allon

$9,725 / $18,207

Touring Israel

I’ve been working in tourism since 2007, and I’m a licensed tour guide with a degree in Archaeology and Land of Israel Studies from Bar Ilan University. I have a unique talent for making the complexity of Israel accessible to every visitor and connecting people to our land. Covid was challenging for most independent businesses, especially in the tourism industry. Nevertheless, my business has managed to recover and even grow since then. I’m requesting a loan to help me take my business to the next level, purchase a new touring vehicle and hire more staff. I can also invest in marketing and advertising to reach more customers. I’m confident that with your help, I can continue to grow my business and make a positive impact on the tourism industry in Israel.
Spark-il | Taste of Israel with Arava Allon

A little bit about me.

My name is Arava Alon. I was born and raised in Israel, and have always loved experiencing new places, meeting people, and exploring the hidden corners of this amazing country. I live with my husband and five children right outside Jerusalem, a city that I call home. I believe every tour should be tailored to the client so they can connect to Israel.