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Shiru Lo recording studio

Like many other ultra-Orthodox families, I am the breadwinner, owning a recording studio. This recording studio provides a unique feminine space for women and girls in the religious sectors to sing, express themselves, and be creative. I can express my love for music and connect with people which brings me joy and satisfaction. Since I am the source of income for my family, my business must thrive. I feel gratitude and appreciation that SparkIL is allowing me to seek a loan that will ultimately allow me to build a new studio and expand my business.
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My name is Neomi Cohen an Ultra-Orthodox-Lithuanian. I am a mother of 3 and a wife to a Chassid- who dedicates his days to studying Torah. I created a recording studio in Beit Shemesh a decade ago. I am passionately dedicating my time and energy to expanding the studio, aiming for it to become our primary source of income.