Thanks for reading more about my small business plans. We design the printed products that synagogues need such as logos, kollel attendance cards and other unique products and more.

$5,986 / $10,404

Graphic design for synagoges

Collectors (Gabay) of synagogues contact us, investing their time and energy to build a functioning and cohesive place of prayer. Despite their good will and energy, many collectors lack the design tools required today and needed in the day-to-day aspects of every synagogue. Our customers need a design of printed products on a daily basis, who knows the nuances of the unique visual language required, and the needs of the community. We feel it is our mission to make the design accessible to every collector, easily and comfortably at the hours that suits them and at an affordable price, by choosing from a variety of work that we will present on the site built with God’s help, by your contribution to this loan. The loan will allow us to grow, to offer a variety of design solutions to more synagogues and religious organizations, by establishing a suitable website for marketing and orders.
Yosef And Miriam Schwartz

This is what we do, we help each other

We are Yosef and Miriam Schwartz from Bnei Brak, deep within the product’s target audience. On the personal side, this loan could elevate the business. The success of the business will directly affect the economy of our young family, so that we will be able to raise the children comfortably and happily.