In my graphic design studio I revive businesses with spectacular designs and with lots of patience and love.

Reviving graphic designs
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Graphic design

I’m Revital, a happy and proud single mom. I decided to turn a dream into reality and establish a graphic design studio. I have always known that I wanted to work in the field of graphic design, as I have always been attracted to design, aesthetics and creativity. I started drawing and scribbled on friends sneakers for a living while I was a high school student then went on to designing and illustrating wedding albums. I studied geographic photography and visual communication took courses in digital illustration. I deal with business branding, designing and building landing pages, designing flyers, books, catalog presentations and more. I am driven by values of creativity, aesthetics, integrity and kindness. I applied for a loan in order to purchase a new and powerful computer for the business that will be able to hold a special design software I work on and support additional design tools in the business. Thanks
Spark-il | Reviving graphic designs

This is what we do, we help each other

My name is Revital, I live in Tivon, Northern Israel. I’m a proud single mother. Revital means to revive and that’s what I like to do in the studio. Revitalize businesses and make their dreams come true. Every business is a white canvas and I fill it with their colorful dreams and fulfill their potential to become leading, influential brands.