My name is Tomer and my business provides fitness and nutrition coaching programs online on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok platforms.

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Personal training

I established the business after I studied at the Wingate Institute to become a fitness instructor and in addition I studied NLP in an extended track for nutrition, sports and healthy lifestyle. I currently have online fitness and nutrition coaching programs that include nutrition menus customized to the client’s needs and abilities. A training program is also customized and each client has access to a video database containing over sixty videos with explanations on how to perform the exercises either at home alone or at a gym using equipment. I follow up and check progress every week with each client and am available 24/7. Includes the option of taking a photo of a dish in a restaurant to get an answer as to whether the dish is suitable for him/her according to the calorie target. I am requesting the loan to establish a marketing system and to receive leads. I will hire an employee who will respond to these potential clients. For this purpose I will also need to buy computers and a budget for marketing.
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My name is Tomer Kochavi, 25. I used to own a restaurant that I sold with a profit. Thereafter, I started working in the field I love: fitness and nutrition which was my hobby since the age of 14. I studied the field and I really like what I do, seeing the progress of my clients and their satisfaction.