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“I am Omer, and I am pursuing my dream of opening a Pilates studio with all the necessary equipment!”

Passion for Pilates

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Omer Biton- Pilates

All my life, I have been involved in sports from all kinds of fields. Three years ago, I was exposed to Pilates and went on to study it. I fell in love with teaching and decided to take it one step further by establishing my own studio with my values and knowledge of the profession.  There are not many young women my age who decide to be independent and own a business. However, the experience, confidence, and feedback I receive from my clients strengthen me on my way, and the SparkIL loan will enable me to continue on this journey of expanding the business to a bigger place and combining additional classes like functional and strength training..
Spark-il | Passion for Pilates

A little bit about me..

My name is Omer, a 24 year old living in Moshav Ahuzam in Southern Israel with my partner.