We are a small business from the north of Israel that built itself up and specializes in transporting containers for import and export purposes from Israeli ports to the customer’s home

Moving your way
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Moving services

We provide service to a wide variety of import-export companies in Israel. Today we have 3 trucks with 2 professional drivers. We want to buy another truck and hire another driver to expand the work and increase the activity. Following the corona virus and the war in Ukraine, a lot of goods got stuck in the ports. Today these goods are starting to be released and this allows us to prepare for the growth of business activity. In addition, we would like to add to the company’s activity small transports of apartment moving throughout the country
Spark-il | Moving your way

This is what we do, we help each other

My name is David and I live in Kiryat Bialik. In 2017 after my army service as a truck driver I worked with my father. In 2019 I managed to buy my first truck and worked as a carrier, then built myself up with customers, later I bought 2 more trucks. I work hard and believe in myself.