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“Va-ivrach is a mobile escape room business that offers educational and businesses a unique and engaging bonding experience. Our escape rooms have many themes and are full of puzzles, challenges, and creative thinking that will test your team’s problem-solving skills.”

Spark-il | Let's escape 

Let’s escape 

$5,657 / $13,005

Mobile escape rooms

What I love most about escape rooms is the sense of empowerment they give people. Solving an escape room makes you feel like you can accomplish anything. You discover strengths you didn’t know you had, and you learn to work together as a team. I started my own escape room business because I wanted to share that feeling of empowerment with others. I believe that escape rooms can be used for educational purposes, too. They can teach people problem-solving skills, teamwork, and critical thinking. That’s why I’m requesting a loan from SparkIL. The money will help me hire more staff to handle the growing service demand. It will also help me invest in new equipment and technology, so I can create even better escape rooms. With your help, I can create a more empowered and connected community.
Spark-il | Let's escape 

A little bit about me..

I’m Adi Ora. Married +6, living in Moshav Shefer in the Galilee. An entrepreneur and creator in my soul. I have been living and dreaming my vision for six years. I’m excited and amazed every day by the ability of such a fun experience to become a profitable business. This is a dream come true for me.