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I’m Maya, I am passionate about animal-assisted therapy to help people dealing with trauma, anxiety, and other life challenges. I run workshops in schools, kindergartens, and other settings.  With the outbreak of the war, the need for trauma therapy is even more relevant and I need help to expand my offering and open an animal park venue. 

My impact loan status:

$5,986 / $9,953

What I need help with

With the support of a loan, I plan to finalize the development of a small animal park, creating a welcoming space with a diverse range of animals where people can visit and participate in trauma workshops. 

About my business

Since the war began, I have devoted my business to helping survivors from the Kibbutzim near the Gaza Strip in the South. The animals have been a source of comfort for many children deeply impacted by the traumatic events on October 7th and after.I have witnessed how animals make a positive impact on people, whether in kindergartens, workshops, or other settings. 

About me

I live in Ein Yahav in the Arava with  my husband, Tomer, and our two children along with a variety of animals. I have a background in animal-assisted therapy and am eager to grow my business to extend support to more individuals.

Since the war’s onset, Maya has generously dedicated her business’s services to assisting survivors from the Kibbutzim near the Gaza Strip in the South. The presence of animals has provided a much-needed source of comfort for numerous children who have been deeply affected by the traumatic events. The toll on her business has been severe, with no services currently being sold.