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I immigrated to Israel 4 years ago, and I would like to continue what I did before Aliya in the field of cosmetology. Cosmetology is a fascinating field that offers effective and new methods for facial skin rejuvenation and treatment. Last year, I started my certificate studies at Nava Collage College in Haifa to improve my knowledge and learn new methods. I need a loan to buy equipment and start my own business. 

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Meet Marina Zverza

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I need a loan to buy equipment, start my own business, and grow my client base. 

My business - My spark

Having immigrated to Israel four years ago, I am eager to continue my work in the field of cosmetology, which I pursued before making Aliya. Cosmetology is a captivating industry offering innovative methods for rejuvenating and treating facial skin. It’s increasingly integral to the daily lives of both women and men.

Today, through proper treatment, we can significantly prolong the youthfulness and beauty of facial and body skin. I derive immense satisfaction from witnessing clients’ happiness and contentment with my treatments.

A few more words

Marina Zvarev, and I’m 47 years old. Four years ago, I immigrated to Israel with my son, Anton. Currently, I work in elderly care, but my passion lies in returning to my previous profession in cosmetology, which I pursued before making Aliya.

Last year, I began certificate studies at Nava Collage College in Haifa to enhance my skills and acquire new techniques in the field. Cosmetology holds a special place in my heart, and I am determined to excel again.

Israel is at war

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