Thanks for reading more about my small business plans. We opened a small ice cream shop that combines the love of ice-cream, and some magic. We want to reach more places, and buy a mobile ice-cream truck.

$14,089 / $23,409

Magical Ice Cream

When Shlomo was a little boy, he used to visit his uncle’s ice cream factory in Tel Aviv, he loved to see the work, creation and joy that ice cream can bring to people. Even when he came to ice cream shops, it seemed to him that it was much more fun to give it away than to eat it, and he dreamed of always being on the other side of the stand. In recent years, the dream has become a reality, at first by placing a small refrigerator in the yard of our trailer, then by setting up an actual ice cream shop, and now we want to continue growing, traveling around the country at events, fairs, making more and more people happy with ice cream and magic, as we like. As with many businesses that come straight from the heart, it came intuitively, spontaneously, without equity, or any external support, now in the mature stage of the business we understand that there is a need for more significant infrastructure, support and tools that will allow us to both dream, and execute, and support a family with dignity .
Spark-il | I scream for ice scream

This is what we do, we help each other

Emuna, married to Shlomo the Magician:) We live in Kdumim, parents of 4 little ones. I manage our magical ice cream parlor with my beloved husband. You can say that we are addicted to people’s and children’s smiles, and we use all the tools we have to do it as much as possible.