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Luna Lu - Ecologic Baby Products

LUNALU is an online store for ecologic baby products- cloth diapers, toys, and more. It’s also a dream come true of two women who became mothers and discovered that alongside their babies a new vision was also born- creating a solution for babies, which combines environmental responsibility, high quality and aesthetics. As we grow ,more partners join the dream. LUNALU is an online store selling advanced baby products in the ecological field. LUNALU encourages parents to choose natural materials, but does not compromise on aesthetics and style. Besides cloth diapers and ecological products, LUNA LU is also a real community hub since cloth diapering is always more than just diapering, and creates sharing, learning and meeting. We initiate and accompany mothers’ meetings that create connections and community belonging. Because our purchasing power is based on our personal and limited capital, the inventory is relatively small. This is an uneconomical and unsustainable work method. Your loan will allow us to purchase a larger and more diverse inventory and expand the marketing of our business. We live and work from Klil in the Western Galilee, and provide service all over the country.
Spark-il | Never too young to go green

About Elisheva And Sia

We are Sia and Elisheva- friends and mothers. The birth of our daughters was accompanied by the understanding that we are going to invest thought in the materials that will be used for our children. The friendship, side-by-side parenting, and time together during Covid helped us to define our common dream that each one reached from a different path.