We are a business that provides various digital services that include building websites, product photography, media production, graphic design and writing marketing content for social media campaigns and internet advertising.

Looking good on Digital
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Digital services and site building

We are Israeli Arabs who live in Jerusalem and provide service throughout the country. Our business Clicks offer digital marketing solutions with the aim of increasing the sales percentage of businesses, through advertisements on the Internet and social networks. The goal is to improve the visibility of the business in a professional and efficient presentation of the products or service provided by them. After seeing that the business has grown, we want the loan to buy critical work equipment such as computers, cameras, lighting
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This is what we do, we help each other

My name is Raed, a 33-year-old Israeli Arab from the Sheikh Jarrah area in Jerusalem. I used to work in a printing house and was exposed to the world of advertising. I decided to start a business with the knowledge I acquired. I started about 5 months ago and the business is on a great upward trend