There I had a pastry shop and a restaurant and my dream is to open such a place in Tiberias, Northern Israel and create a culinary experience for residents and tourists.

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Pastry shop

Dreams dreams dreams! We are making our dreams come true. This year after a lot of courage, we came to Israel from France 10 months ago. I used to be a computer technician and I realized that I wanted to create and do something different, so I studied and opened a bakery, pastry shop and restaurant in France which were very successful. But we wanted to fulfill another dream and immigrate to Israel, so we closed the business and now we are excited to open a new place in Israel: a boutique pastry shop in Tiberias in a French style, and spoil the Israelis and tourists with French culture with cakes and special foods. I rented a place and now I need a loan to buy secondhand equipment for the business. Thank you very much everyone
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This is what we do, we help each other

My name is Aaron, I am a new immigrant from France and live in Tiberias, Northern Israel. I like to make dreams come true and live life to the best of my ability. I am happy to be in Israel and want to have a pastry shop to spoil the Israelis with delicious French pastries.