“I’m Rachel, a single mother and the owner of a ‘La Belle’, a lingerie salon. I’ve been running this business for years, but it’s taken a backseat to raising my children. Now that they’re grown, I’m ready to focus on my business and make it more successful.”

Spark-il | Helping women feel confident

Helping women feel confident

$12,970 / $23,409

'La Belle' Salon

In my beloved store, I sell women’s garments. The business has been active for 40 years, and I meet customers who are almost like family to me. In a small, local store, relationships are formed in a way that can no longer be found in large chains and malls I’m passionate about lingerie and I love helping women feel confident and beautiful. I want to create a space where women can feel comfortable and explore their options. I believe that lingerie is more than just a piece of clothing, it’s an expression of self-love and empowerment.” I have accompanied women I have known since they were young, and now they come to me with their daughters. There is no greater happiness for me. I want to renovate my store, refresh it, increase my inventory, and set up an online store.
Spark-il | Helping women feel confident

A little bit about me..

I am Rachel, a single mother of three sons. I live in Rehovot and am a business owner since 1983. Despite a difficult starting point, my sons have grown up to be successful contributors to society. I am a strong and successful self-employed person. I love to serve my customers and enjoy the personal connection with all women in Israeli society.