My name is Sophia, I am a new immigrant from Russia and I currently run a daycare in Ramat Gan (Center of Israel) for children ages one to two years old. Before immigrating, I worked for 10 years as a lawyer and manager of the legal department in a large manufacturing company in Russia. Since immigrating, I worked in several kindergartens as a caregiver and graduated from the kibbutz seminar for a kindergarten teacher certificate

My impact loan status:

$13,005 / $13,005
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What I need help with

We are new immigrants from Russia who opened a daycare center for children aged one to two years in Ramat Gan, and want to renovate parts of it.

About my business

The daycare has been working for two years with great success and now we are asking for a loan to renovate the garden and kitchen that needs a facelift. I love the mission of my job and would appreciate your help with this loan.

About me

Sofia is 37 years old and immigrated to Israel from Russia in 2015 with her husband and their two sons, and six months ago she gave birth to her third son. Before opening our daycare she worked in different kindergartens and loves working with children.

Israel is at war

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