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Jordan beauty

I am Darina, a single mom +1. This year I left Russia and moved to my homeland- Israel. In Russia I managed and am the owner of Jordan Beauty, leading hair and beauty salons in Moscow/ Nizhny and Novgorod. Now I am fulfilling my dream by establishing a Jordan Beauty salon of my own in Tel Aviv. My hair salons express my love for people and beauty, I like to feel what is best and what will suit my clients best. I love the communication and the warmth, so I intend to open a salon with a unique concept and hospitality experience, coffee and meetings, along with hair care. The loan will help me build, renovate and furnish my unique and new place in Tel Aviv, which I believe in so much. I am so excited to have a business in Israel.
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About Jordan Darina

I’m Darina, a hair design expert for over 13 years. A single parent of an 11-year-old girl and a spitz dog:) We moved to Israel a few months ago and I love our new life in Israel, full of inspiration from the Israeli style, warmth and air.