It brings me great joy to see that you’re learning about my small business. I hope that my story resonates with you and inspires you to lend and support

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JB Fashion

With a passion for sewing and handcrafts, I noticed a lack of affordable eco-friendly maternity and nursing clothes after the birth of my second child. This inspired me to transform my passion into a business, creating and selling this much-needed clothing. In need of a loan to acquire materials, manufacture and transport the clothing, and enhance marketing I found SparkIL.
Spark-il | Passion for fashion

This is what we do, we help each other

I am Yulia, a 33-year-old Russian immigrant who moved to the Negev desert. I found it hard to navigate my son’s maternity leave, especially during a global pandemic but was amazed by the support of the women at Kibbutz Mashabei Sade. Their support inspired me to establish my own business focused on helping other women with the joys and challenges that come with being a new mother.