I am a Druze from Northern Israel who keeps bees and runs a visitor center that hosts groups and families.

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Honey production and visitor center

The Esal Elanor visitor center is in Northern Israel in the village of Peki’in. The center focuses on learning about the bee kingdom, life of bees, their uniqueness and their benefit to nature, the environment and humans. The center offers a variety of enriching and experiential activities suitable for groups, families and individuals of all ages. The place also includes a honey shop with locally produced products such as honey-based pistachio and nut spreads, honey with nuts, honey-filled chocolate and more. I am requesting the loan to renovate the visitor center so that it is accessible to people with disabilities.
Spark-il | It's all about Honey

This is what we do, we help each other

My name is Haasan Saleh, a Druze from the village of Peki’in in the north. I am an expert beekeeper who graduated from beekeeping studies. Later on, I continued to study and researched the world of bees through two in-depth studies and even wrote the book “Kingdom of the Bees”. Out of this love, I opened the visitor center.