Thanks for reading more about my small business plans. We were required to leave the old clinic and move to a nearby building, renovate and train a new clinic.

$13,076 / $15,606

Dental clinic

Urban renewal is important but also not easy for residents and local businesses. We chose to turn this challenge into an opportunity and recreate a spacious, comfortable and well-equipped dental clinic for our clientele. Our clinic is in a central location that attracts customers from all parts of the city, speaking Hebrew and Arabic. Thanks to the loan, we will be able to renovate the new complex, equip it with advanced equipment that will allow our customers to receive full treatment in one visit, because even though we love our patients, we know that they prefer to come to us as little as possible :)
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This is what we do, we help each other

We are Fady and Razan Said, married and parents of two children. We established our clinic in Jerusalem in 2009. We are proud of the enterprise of our lives that allows us to meet patients every day, to give them service and sensitive care that improves their quality of life, all as a married and loving couple.