I am Uriel, a physical therapist from Jerusalem with 10 years of experience and I provide quality physical therapy treatments to patients.

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Almost everyone feels various pains in their body during their life. The body is a complex and wonderful system, but it sometimes needs care and guidance for help in the healing processes that exist in it. Many people feel pain but do not know how to start treating it. This is true for patients after surgery, for people who have experienced a fall or an accident and injury. Uriel Physiotherapy is a one-man business. I have a decade of experience in the profession, I accompanied many patients after surgical injuries and neurological injuries and helped them maximize the speed of their recovery. The treatments are usually performed at the patient’s home but can also be performed in an adapted and equipped clinic according to the therapeutic need. During my years in physical therapy, I worked with the health funds, the army (Ministry of Defense) and privately in Israel and abroad. I see the growth of the business in making information accessible and publishing it online in the various media applications. Thus expanding the knowledge of the patients and their families about the existing injury/disease and the possible treatment options. I meet every day with patients of all ages and treat a wide range of cases. From cases of tissue atrophy pain in the body that characterize the elderly population to sports injuries and their rehabilitation. I love my job and see it as a mission. I am requesting the loan for the purchase of a second-hand vehicle and the necessary equipment to arrive at the customer’s home and provide optimal care.
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I am Uriel, 38, from Moshav Aminadav, near Jerusalem. I graduated in physical therapy in 2013 at Ariel University and since then I have been working as an independent physical therapist. I meet every day with patients of all ages and treat a wide range of cases and I love my job.