I am the owner of a balloon design business for private and business events to make the celebrants happy.

Happy Balloons
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Balloons for events

Balloons bring joy and change the mood for the better. My business was established in 2014 and in fact I have been in the field for 17 years, in the first years as a side job while studying as a student, later as an employee of a company in the field, until opening a business of my own. Our job is to create an atmosphere, excite you and give added value to every event. The field combines art, design and transportation for several events at the same time The world of new designs and ideas changes at a very high rate and we must keep up and renew ourselves all the time to provide the most impressive design. I also recently entered the field of decorations with more complex photo booths and additional equipment for the event, and for that the business needs a bigger vehicle. In the past, I arrived with a small backpack and a compact helium tank for every event, today there are 2-meter walls and large rims, so the small vehicle is not suitable either, and the investment in equipment has also increased significantly. And here I need your help with a loan so I can move on to a bigger vehicle and relevant equipment.
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I’m Eli, I live in Jerusalem and I love to ride my bike. I design balloons for events. With a bachelor’s degree in business administration, I actually started studying accounting, and during my studies I realized that it is more profatible to earn money from selling air than working with numbers all day in the office :-)