A way to help Vered Revivo that helps

I’m Vered, a hairstylist with a lifelong passion for styling hair. Despite 33 years of successful operation, recent weeks have brought a decline in customers due to concerns about the lack of a bomb shelter and reduced operating hours. I’m seeking assistance to upgrade and renovate my salon, giving it a fresh look to attract new clients and revitalize the business.

My impact loan status:

$8,246 / $9,895

What I need help with

With this loan, my vision is to create a space that seamlessly combines style and functionality, ensuring that my clients feel both pampered and at ease while receiving top-notch service. 

About my business

I am deeply passionate about creativity and establishing genuine connections with my clients in the hairstyling industry. To me, it’s not just about haircuts; it’s about the art of nurturing relationships and boosting people’s self-confidence. This journey becomes even more fulfilling with the unwavering support of my husband. Together, we have confronted challenges head-on, deriving immense satisfaction from our collaborative efforts. He is not just my life partner but also an indispensable part of the business, serving as my right hand. We mutually empower each other’s dreams and aspirations every step of the way.

About me

I live in Holon with my wonderful husband and our three cherished children. Every day, I count my blessings for the chance to pursue my true passion: hairdressing. My commitment to my clients is unwavering, and I take immense pride in delivering nothing short of the finest service, ensuring they leave my salon feeling their absolute best.