I have had a home studio for several years and am interested in expanding and opening an innovative office and recruit new clients.

Graphic Design by Esti Golan
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Graphic Design by Esti Golan

My graphic design studio deals with building brand strategies, advertising design and bringing the right audience to any business that hires my services. Every business has advantages and I have the ability to expose them correctly to different target audiences with designed tools. I have been involved in the field for many years and to this day I have worked from home both with private individuals and with very large productions. I am currently studying marketing and am interested in developing and increasing my clientele. I am asking for the loan to move to a spacious office and not have to have meetings in my home with my children around.
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My name is Esti and I am an ultra-Orthodox woman living in Netivot (Southern Israel). I am married and a mother of four children. I run a business with the mission of helping others earn a living and I enjoy it very much and want to grow, develop and help many other people.